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0x02 - 2021-06-30 Fathers Day


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Welcome to the lost podcast. I'm Shubi, I'm data, and we're bringing you news from inside. All of us. Hey in a while. How have you been been? It has been a lot. I've been good. I we took a quick family vacation to Hawaii. It's been it's been so long that that because of the pandemic, we haven't gone anywhere and we're really fortunate and had our vaccine. So we took a square trip. Have you been? I've been busy. So my new job is going well, but they're very busy. But I am also looking forward for getting my second vaccine and maybe finally go visit my family back in Turkey. That's awesome. Yeah, it's such a blessing that the vaccines are being distributed. I'm looking forward to meeting people again, to like going, actually going to conferences and meeting people. facetoface. Feels like I've known you forever, but I've literally never met you in person exactly. Yeah, started this new job six months ago...

...and I haven't met the people I work with and in person. It's so weird. Yeah, now I know. I know the feeling and you know my work. Some some people are going back into the office and and some people are going to continue staying ormote, and I worry, like we've gotten so good at working with each other remotely and we're going to have to relearn how to work with each other when some of us are remote and some of us are not remote. I think, I think that's going to be an interesting hurdle for two thousand and twenty one. Yeah, it's going to be a different hybrid model working SINC ACINGC together, remote its Nuba. I wonder. I wonder if that means more meetings or less meetings? All right, well, let's get into our agenda. So did I. I saw something about the Owen Owen posted something about the event committee. Can you tell me...

...a little bit more about what the event committee is trying to accomplish? So the events committee is more specific for events. So you know, there are so many events that of US helps organize. It to be why your chapters, local chapters, or other events, global events, and there are many people who want to help organize the events. So events check committee will be helping you at this. Obviously it will need volunteers and it's a great opportunity for people like me who weren't doing apps like but want to help all of us. It's one of those committees that you don't have to be too technical but you can still contribute to the community. So I do suggest having a read. We will give give the link in our notes. have a read to reach out to open and in general. Of the committees I can talk... education and outreach committees that I am part of. We usually meet once a month. We go through. Each one of us have some action points from last meeting. We go through them, update to each other and we are always free to meet, meet up in twos on threes to focus on more work that are relevant to our areas and actions. That is so cool. So if, if I'm reading this right, the vent committee is going to be put together so that they can help streamline events so that if you're a chapter or if your regional event and you just want to run a conference, you're not having to like figure out how to get venues or how to get catering or how to do any of that stuff. It's to help you organize some of this and in fact, I think I think a lot of us have done this before, or at least done stuff for this type of...

...committee. Except there was not a committee, but like I'm thinking, like the call for papers or call for trainers, somebody has to review those papers and be like this is a good training, this is not a good trainings. It could proposal. So I think we've all done some of this, a little bit of volunteer work like this, but it's bringing it together. Yeah, cool, yeah, and we'll put the to put the link in the show notes and we'll tweet it out. Great. So, while we're talking all events, do you know if any upcoming events? So, yeah, there's there's a bunch coming up. So, July thirteen we have another session of our lightning conferences. These are like the miniaturized conferences that are that are much quicker. I don't take your whole day. They're a little bit faster and it kind of gets you in touch with APPS that community. July twenty we have our virtual training event again and we have some really great trainers that are coming to these. I'm starting to like these lost trainings more and...

...more. I'm running out of my training budget at work, but it's it's really fun to go to these because you know have to travel, you just show up. It's a virtual training and you know it's a good way of getting some some training attitude resume, specially during the pandemic. It doesn't require travel, it doesn't take you away from your family, you're safely at home and you get to do them. So they're they're pretty awesome, as is officially turning twenty and we have our lost twenty anniversary celebration coming up in September. Yeah, I wonder if a lost can drink. Next year last will be twenty one. That Jo probably doesn't make a lot of sense because it's only the drinking age twenty one in the US. What is it in England? I think it's twenty one, but if you're eighteen and your accompanied by a Guardian, I think you are allowed as well. But I'm yeah, don't quote me on that, ha ha. Yeah, and the the last one on my list is global APP sack. So global APP SAC is coming...

...up later this year. Go ahead and look it up. Global APPS is probably one of the bigger conferences that we hold and it's kind of like the State of Union for for APP SC in my opinion. I'm really looking forward to that one very all right. So the are it's father's Day. So here in the US as a father's Day in Europe too. Yes, it is this interesting. It's so funny that there's like two different mother's days and there's two different fathers days. Like in Iran there's a different father's Day. I just googled earlier and in Iran father's days February fourteen, but it's on Malan sins. So I thought it's interesting. So happy FATHER'S A to everybody out there. I have one more shout out. I think I put this in a different podcast and I think I got cut out in editing, so I'll put out this shout out again or this ask for a lessener listener contribution.

So on an earlier podcast we were talking about diversity and how diversity is good for for APPs, AC diversities good for anything in general, and I recall a story that I had read years ago about how a group of scientists couldn't classify and insect because their language, it's did at. I forget which could you there were from, but their language just didn't differentiate between two different types of bones or joints. I'm getting some of the details of this wrong, but but rather like they just have one word for it and it wasn't until they brought in other scientists from other countries who were able to classify the insects because their language differentiated between the two different types of boones. Now, I might be getting the details of this wrong. It might not have been an insect and might have been something else. The general story is that on set of scientists couldn't named the name this thing because of language shortcomings. Their...

...language just didn't have words for it, and it's an example of how diversity is good. I've been looking for that article, for that source, for a really long time and I cannot find it. So if you listeners know anything about this story or can find point us towards the right direction, you could to eat us at a lost podcasts and I will gift you a year membership to o asp as a result of finding that. That's very generous. I mean also, if you get a lost membership, you get at lost email and I cannot tell you how how often I get contacted back when their resume I share out have the lost email address on it rather than when it has like my regular Judail. So it's a good it's a good perk. Yeah, it is quite prestigious, but that is all of us podcast all one word. Our twitter hundred is one word. Or was podcast together.

So, and since we are still very, very young as a podcast, we are really open to all our suggestions, ideas and questions. So feel free to DM US or just tweet at us. It's we appreciate all of your thoughts and contributions, guys. Yeah, and and if you guys want to give us like things you want to say, answer on the podcast. If it's a loss related and it fits within the general theme of this show, we're more than happy to include it. Yep, I did. Are I'M gonna go get some father's a breakfast enjoy and I'M gonna go call my dad. Yeah, I should probably coma that to what's the rule? What's the rule on calling parents on father's a mother's Day when they're in different countries? Should I call my dad on Father's Day care in the US if he's in Iran, or should I call them on father's a in Iran? But...

...all of you, all of the above, so that they get too exactly. That's awesome. I did. I have a good rest of your day. You too, enjoy.

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